Saturday, September 12, 2009

I learned something last night.

I learned what irish men wear under their kilts.

Shamrocks. Booyah.

But seriously kilted guy, thank you for the excellent conversation- You made a happy end to my terrible week.

And now things get a little less than awesome.

I have two hockey teams in the hotel. One is from Canadian. I am beginning to suspect Canadians are just... dumb. They decided to take the elevator up to their rooms on the top floor and thought it would be humorous to hit the elevator distress bell and then start punching eachother. (*facepalm*)
They showed back up in the lobby around 4am and of course I yelled at them. Morons.

Sorry, your auditor is very, very tired. Your auditor has been overworked and it's nearing the end of wedding chaos season. If I get bitched out by one more drunken wedding guest I swear someo- Well, it just won't be very good.

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