Monday, September 14, 2009


This really trashy couple comes in wanting a room. First thing out of his mouth is inquiry about employee discounts. I asked him what hotel he works for. He said a hotel not even affiliated with my hotel's brand. I told him that. It didn't quite sink in. They then asked prices, I quoted them a rate. I guess they were expecting something in the under $50 range. The couple were shocked at the price, verbally stated their disbelief that I could dare charge them such a rate. They then started to speak amongst themselves, still standing in front of the desk mind you, and decided to "go up over the hill and do it in the woods."

WTF. Ew. Did you really need to share that with me?

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Andrew said...

Seriously the best blog I've read. I don't understand how so many crap blogs become so popular.