Monday, March 23, 2009

Is it that hard to not be terrible? Or retarded?

The as a guest is used for when I go to stores/hotels/etc.. so yeah.

I went to a diner.. a famous chain that's everywhere.. I work somewhat in the service industry and I'm pretty fucking awesome. I hate shitty service. I'm sure you guys hate shitty service also.. I just want to know why it is so fucking hard for some people to be nice- or not as much of a jerk even.

This particular experience.. my waitress happened to be a retard. Great. My fiance and I walked into the restaurant and saw her. We both had a moment of "Oh dear your god, please don't let her be our waitress." ... I think your god hates me. Because she was our waitress. Before she even gave us menus she stopped by the table and told we would need to wait because she has another table. One thing I've learned in hospitality is it's not what you say to someone, it's how you say it. And she said that little bit like we were the banes of her existence. Another waitress saw and actually came over and apologized about the retarded one.

We eventually got through the ordering process and all that shit. Just the idea of that waitress being around food sickens me- She was the type of tard that probably keeps her hands between her butt cheeks when not in use.

She also came up to the table about nine thousand times. Easily. "Is everything okay?" "How is everything?" "You guys doing okay?" When I eat, I want to be left alone. And I hate that waitress super ability to come over and ask you a question after you take a bite of mythic proportions.

It came time to tip. I left her a buck. I went up to pay with my debit card and there were people waiting to be seated. The waitress comes up, looks at me, looks at them, looks at me again.. Like she's a fucking deer in the headlights. I got kinda mad and told her to seat them first then take care of me. She then waddles back over to take care of me. She probably sat them, acted like their business doesn't matter and told them she needed to take care of me first. Fuck that shit. I go to tally the tip and total at the bottom of the bill- I left her a buck at the table (I usually tip well, but.. Yeah.) I X'ed out the tip slot and just put the total. She looks at the bill, sighs, and says to herself "No tip" in a sadsack tone. Wtf. I was starting to channel my inner loud, proud, large black woman but quickly calmed myself. I mean- you just don't do that shit. Manners, much?

I'm still throwing the idea around of calling their manager and speaking to them about her behavior- what do you think, guys?

... Fucking retards.

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