Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yet another shitty story

Here is another shitty story.

Ever notice how when a story starts out with "So there was this 400lb woman.." it's definitely not going to be boring!

This happened the spring awhile ago if I am not mistaken. There was this very old, very large (approx 400lbs) in a wheelchair. She and some family members were staying in a non smoking room with two beds. They were here for about three nights. They didn't want housekeeping the entire time- so gross for them, good for housekeeping. The housekeepers on 2nd floor would find sheets missing off their cards while they were on break.

Housekeeping was checking the halls for linens from stayovers and came across a plastic bag of our sheets tied up and placed outside that room The housekeeping girl brought the bag downstairs and began to pull the sheets out, only to make a horrible discovery. The sheets were covered in shit. The housekeeping girl bellyached until the Head of Housekeeping decided to just throw them away.

Well, the large woman checked out. Nothing was said. Housekeeping gets into the room.. Oh man, it was terrible. There was poop EVERYWHERE. (I was off that day, but housekeeping described it to me so I will tell you exactly how it was described to me. Hehe.)

"There was shit EVERYWHERE, Anonymous!! There was shit in the bed, on the bed, beside the bed. (continue the in, on and beside for every item in the room)"

It was like the woman was a shit grenade.

The best part is that one of the desk staff promised them a suite next time they returned. Yeah, they're so not getting that.

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