Monday, March 16, 2009

.. Really?

So I had my vacation- it was pure awesome. I finally got to see my friends, very awesome. I saw watchmen! Supremely awesome! And I slept like all night/day before work! Also awesome. I read the log book for the past couple days.. I was hoping something terrible would have happened (A full moon and Friday the 13th) but it seems everything was very nicey nice during my time off.

So anyway, I get back into work, I had my last arrival calling for directions every five minutes. If you listen to my directions it's actually very easy to get to us. But he was a kooky indian dude so.. yeah. 20minutes after he got off the exit (which I can see from the front door of my hotel) he finally arrives. I was in a fantastic mood so he got the star treatment.

About a half hour later I have this weird guy, in his 20's, come in. He had the voice of Peter Brady in the puberty voice changing episode. He had asked if I saw a guy.. He then described the guy- bearded.. oh wait, not full beard, he has a goatee now.. wearing a fleece.. and he is big. The weird guy even had to throw his shoulders forward to indicate a large dude.

I stood there thinking to myself, "Wtf. When did we become twelve?!"

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