Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Get a smoking room next time!

i've been having to stay late on weekends due to a series of meetings our hotel has been having. So I have just been chilling at the hotel instead of going home. The meetings are scheduled about 4 hours after my shift ends- what's the point in going home and wasting the gas when I'll just get tired and not want to attend the meeting. So I've been bumming around the hotel.

Well a few weekends ago there was a bit of an uproar in housekeeping over one of the non smoking rooms smelling strongly of marijuana. The desk got pretty concerned as the room was a connecting room and the adjoining room was occupied last night.

Housekeeping later discovered the other room had put a towel up to the adjoining door, this alerted the desk to a possible future complaint, so we held a room under the inn in case the guests in the adjoining room complained and wanted to change rooms. Luckily they didn't smell a thing and had put the towel there to block the light that was coming from under the door.

We were talking about charging the smoker a deep cleaning fee when I decided to look on our guest in house list to see who was in there that night. I did a double take when I saw the name- it was one of our regulars! This struck me as hilarious as the B shift will notice the smell of pot on his breath.. Often. (I don't smell our guests.) I am pretty sure Mr. Regular has been staying with us since we opened and he is one of the sweetest, most understanding guests we have.

Anyway, to wrap things up- we decided not to charge him, or mention the whole ordeal to him as it would be quite embarrassing for him. Though from now on we will always ask if he would like a smoking room.

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