Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This guy is like herpes- you want him to leave, but he keeps coming back.

Every so often (well, more common than I care to admit) I end up with these old men who are for whatever reason smitten by my charm. This guy was here for a funeral and kept going outside to smoke. I had joined him for a cigarette thinking he just wanted to talk. Big mistake. I absolutely loathe when old men hit on me. I just don't understand what makes these men think they're so suave to try to get a woman a third their age. I just don't.. understand. Anyway, it sickens me every time it happens. The first "racy" thing this old turd said was "If I wasn't so old- I'd be flirtin' wit ya" ...But he decided to flirt anyway. Gross. He would say shit like "I'm developing a crush on you" and blow kisses and shit. Uncool. He wanted to talk to be about the bible. And how it cures everything from leprosy to aids to newfaggotry. Fun.

The next day I had pulled a muscle in my lower back due to an unfortunate chair incident at my residence. Ever been in so much pain that you can do nothing but cry? Yeah, that was me. I came into work and just sat against the back of the wall behind the desk. He came down and was talking to my swing shift girl. (Works half of B shift and half of my shift on the weekends.) I was trying to ignore him, but he just would not let me be. Trying to pick on me.. What is it with men having to revert back to being nine years old when they try to flirt with a girl. Fuck that shit.

He was staying at the hotel with his wife and disabled daughter. You'd think that he was single and never made it with a woman. or a man by the way he acted towards me.. But- stranger things have happened. Their van broke down so they were stuck here a few more nights. Much to my displeasure.


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