Thursday, April 9, 2009

Full Moon- it figures.

So full moons.. Every hotel fears them- the night shift more than any other. I had retired FBI agent guest talk to me about studies they did about weird shit happening more often around the full moon.

This particular full moon I come into work to hear the 911 alert system going off (Whenever a guest dials 911 from their room- we at the front desk immediately know about it.) And when we receive the notice we have to immediately call the room.. If no answer- we have to physically go up to the room and make sure the guest in question is alright.

This story involves a woman and her son checking in. From what BB has told me they are homeless, and that the son creeped her out. It is kinda bad when BB gets creeped out because the crazy dude who had to be tasered in an earlier post did not creep her out. Weird, right?

They are both fat and smelly. The woman is about 5'5 and well over the 300lb mark. She had to take a rest in the breakfast bar before going to the elevator.

Well, she and he are in a room with two beds- somehow the woman falls and is unable to get up. Cue ambulance. The ambulance crew was amazingly cheerful and upbeat. I was rather surprised. They went upstairs.. Fucking BB would not watch the desk and let me go see fattie getting lifted to her feat. Damnit. The ambulance crew did a "lift & assist" and then went on their way. That is the only thing that happened that night too. Weird, eh?


BLSR said...

I have an explanation for the full moon shenanigans. The full moon makes the night brighter, so more people are out at night rather than at home. Thus, all the weirdos, druggies, and drunks are out at the same time; hilarity ensues.

Anonymous said...

Lunar tides men. :tf2: