Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Herpes just keeps coming back.

Here is another story about one of my creepy old man admirers. I've decided to call him Herpes. Like I've stated in the previous post- he is just like herpes.. You want him to leave, but he just keeps coming back.

He appeared again on a few days ago. He came past the desk about four times during my shift- luckily I was busy each time so he didn't hang around. All creepy-like.

I have a few days off, and send the A shift a text message on his day of departure asking if Herpes was leaving that day. A shift replied back with an "Are you kidding? Of course not." Luckily I didn't work that night. I came in the next night hoping he was all long gone by then.. Of course not. Great. The B shift then warns me that he was asking about me. I had learned through my coworkers he has been getting pictures taken with the staff. My response to that is: HELL NO. I'd rather have pens shoved in my eyes and every orifice in my body before I'd let that happen. Or have major surgery without any anesthetic. Or be fucked in the ass every day for the rest of my life. With no lube.

For the first hour of my shift this creepy man will not leave the desk. I do some of my shift work, not making any eye contact with him, hoping he will just leave. He does not get the hint. He then lays his head down on the fucking counter, just staring at me. I, still refusing to look at him, tell him to go to bed since he's tired. His response was that "then he couldn't see me" and he "likes flirtin' wit me" .... Gross. Fucking gross.

A guest then checks in and heads to his room. Herpes then starts talking about the pictures he took of his disabled midget daughter with the rest of the staff and remarked he has not got one of me yet. I politely told him I do not do pictures. He smiled like I was some stupid thing that did not know what I was talking to and said "Of course you do!" He then walked back towards his room as two of my regulars showed up- one was left to check in. I checked in Mr. Regular and was just chatting with he and my other regular as Herpes showed back up with a camera. He had also dragged his midget disabled daughter all the way out from his room and into the lobby. This happened a bit after midnight, mind you.

I told him the answer was still no. He still did not believe me so I had to adopt a very firm tone to my voice and told him I did not want my picture taken and that NO MEANS NO. He and his daughter slunk back off to their room. Honestly though, I probably would have agree to a picture with everyone else but his nasty ass.

I turned toward my two regulars, wrote "That guy creeps me out really bad" on a scrap of paper and placed it on the desk in front of my two regulars as Herpes walked away. I was not sure if Herpes was still able to hear me or not. They chuckled and said if I needed anything to give them a call. I thanked them and bid them a good night. One of the regulars decided to stay up late since he had to flip his sleep schedule for his current job so he kept coming out to the desk to chat. He had stopped out at about 2am and we heard a door open from the end of the hallway Herpes is staying at. Mr. Regular said he'd stay out here for a few minutes in case Herpes came back out.

Herpes did indeed come back out. It should also be noted that whenever he appears he goes outside to smoke. I wish they would just get a smoking room so I would not have to see his ugly face. Well anyway, Herpes saw Mr. Regular and then looked towards me- with an expression of "oh no I've been caught in the act!" on his ugly mug. He then scheduled a wake-up call and went back to his room. I did not hear his door close for about 5minutes. Creepy.

Luckily I didn't see him for the rest of the night and he left later in the morning.

I recorded all that happened involving my picture being taken in our log book and there was an anonymous reply underneath saying that he said he'll be back. Fuck.

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