Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sleep? What's that? Also- Billing Nightmare.

Those who know you beloved anonymiss intimately know I have a shit low endurance to everything. Towards the end of this week I think I pushed myself a little too far.

The start:
2pm Thursday.

The end:
Around 1-1:30am Sunday morning.

All on 5hrs of sleep.

Towards the end of it I became very... lucid.. for a moment. Everything was so crazy clear, but I also realized I hated everything. /angst.

After a random call to a fellow anonymous auditor I went back to my room and passed out.

Until about 10am when housekeeping tried to come in to clean... I forgot to put my "Do Not Disturb" sign out! (Naughty me!) Luckily I had the bolt over the door or the poor maid would have witness a very nude anonymiss.

My adventure is not over though! Here is where the meat of the entry begins.. An hour and a half after waking Bloom calls my room to tell me she needs my help- she fucking up the billing on a room and doesn't know how to fix it. This in itself is so fucking weird because Bloom doesn't make mistakes. Ever. And she knows this and was rather frustrated and grumpy while I came to the rescue. There are two different fuck-ups I had to fix- so here's story A:

Just my luck it was Herpes' bill that was fucked up. I think it was doomed for failure since Friday night. I came in Thursday evening to BB telling me Herpes was coming back and he would be arriving at 3am.. Just fucking wonderful. I did my audit at around 1am.. For those who do not know the audit at a hotel is in a nutshell "ending today and starting tomorrow" posting charges on the rooms, resolving any mistakes, delivering bills under the guest's doors, other little shit details. Oh and making sure all of your credit cards are sent to our bank to be charged. A hotel does not charge the cards, it merely puts a "hold" on the amount. That is why it takes awhile for the charge to show up on your statements. Whenever someone checks in after audit we have to think differently in regards to billing you. Our software says it's the next business day so if you want to stay for more than one night your register card (The paper you sign at check in.) will say it is one date less.

Herpes wanted two nights. I checked him in the system for one night and collected cash for two nights. I hate taking cash, especially from his grubby hands. Though he was not as clingy this time. I posted the accommodation charges that would have been posted through audit and forgot about it. Friday night rolled around he wanted to stay another night. I had Swing (my swing shift worker who is here to assist on the weekends) take his money since I was preoccupied with something and the less I have to deal with Herpes, the better. Swing took his money and made two mistakes when it came to billing. The first mistake: posted it as an accommodation. The second mistake: posted the wrong amount. So we had to void out that accommodation charge for the wrong amount and then post the cash that he payed us as cash. Swing then decided we needed two separate windows in billing and moved the incorrect accommodation charges to the second window. I had hit the "I don't care anymore" point of exhaustion and just let her do whatever.

I didn't even think of the audit for Saturday night posting another accommodation charge in both windows for Herpes' billing. Bloom found it at check-out and didn't understand it and tried to negative it out and did a bunch of shit and then for some reason posted some small amount of "imaginary" cash. After I posted the accommodation adjusts to cancel out what she did it looks like he gave her a nickel. So when I checked Herpes out of the system I put that we refunded him a nickel to balance everything. It was a big head ache.

The second problem was just.. dumb. It was a bride and groom, they had their wedding party stay here. They paid cash when they checked out. For some reason Bloom posted the cash as a negative- it looked like we refunded them in cash. Then she accidentally charged their credit card. And the cherry is that for some reason she decided to post an accommodation adjust to cancel out the accommodation charges posted during the audit. I can't even begin to understand the motives behind all that. We got them fixed though.

Though Bloom does win points for wanting to learn how to audit and understand what the audit does for the hotel. And to understand the consequences that I have to deal with when she or any other shift makes a mistake and doesn't fix them.

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