Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Craziest night I've ever had, part deux.

Here is the end of the story.

Lets get caught up:

Crazy Guest (CG) goes kuku bananas and the cops and have to taser his ass.

The entire time the cops are speaking to my GM and I CG is just yelling shit, the officer speaking to us threatened to shoot him in the head if he didn't stfu (shut the fuck up) numerous times.

The two officers went to lift him and of course CG plays jelly-legs and starts mumbling about his "medical condition".. The one officer retorts with "COME ON. HE'S JUST STUPID." (After that statement- I knew I had won.)

Anyway, they take CG out to the car and return saying they could not search his room, but we could collect his belongings.

He was staying in rm 104 (I have no clue who the hell gave him a jacuzzi room but my manager was pissed about it.) ... All I can say is BLEGH. (cue retching noises)

The room was hot as all fuck. I think he was incubating in a crazy nest. He had a sock hanging over the peep-hole.. You know, because people can TOTALLY see into the room through the peep hole. The sink was filled with wet towels. (I wore two sets of plastic gloves, by the way) and the ice bags I gave him monday night.. And for some reason a piece of fucking cheese cake. Just floating in the water, having previously been wrapped up in a hand towel. wtf.

This guy was so paranoid.. His laptop even had a thumbprint scanner. I had no idea how to turn it off so I just unplugged it and threw it in a box. I hope the battery died and caused him to lose whatever. He had receipts from other hotels of the same chain as well.. And we found an ASSLOAD of my GM's business cards. She took them all back.. she didn't want him having her name or the hotel phone number.

His son came by sometime during the next day to pick up his father's belongings. I was told he was deeply embarrassed over the situation. I think that fucking family should have bought us some god damned flowers after what that crazy guy put us through. Or a bottle of rum. Heh. Though CG did call my GM about a week or two later, apologizing about what happened and wanting to know if we were going to sue him.

I think we should have sued him. He endangered at least 40+ people's lives that night.

I forgot to tell you we found atleast 15+ bottles of medication, which I seriously doubt that crazy asshole was taking.


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