Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To the jerk in 307

Dear drunk,

You totally did not make any friends tonight. Taking post-it notes off the desk is -not- cool as they are a main source to communicate between the shifts. Just because your drunken friend has been staying here for work and we know him, and like him, is not an excuse to be a giant ass. That post-it note (later recovered) held information about advance deposit rooms for about 20-some days and the workers occupying them had left early. Combined the rooms have a couple thousand dollars worth of nights left unused. It was also SO MATURE of you to take the phone we have on the desk for guest use to dial 911 from it because you were mad that I scolded you. You are *so* cool, dude. [/sarcasm] I am very happy your asses are leaving on monday.

One very fed-up auditor.

Post Script - Grow the fuck up. This is one of the reasons I seldom drink these days.

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