Monday, February 23, 2009

Phone Calls 3

his is possibly one of my most favorite stories.. Whenever guests ask me for an amusing story- this is usually the one I will tell. Well, one night my phone rang and it was an elderly woman asking if we had a restaurant in the hotel (which we do not.) I told her that we did not, but we do have a breakfast bar and I told her the hours. That was not good enough for her, she then asked for the names of other restaurants in the area and the distances in blocks. The area my hotel is in is quite rural and not in a block type set-up. I suggested my favorite mexican restaurant to her, which is up the road from my hotel. The woman's response to being recommended a mexican restaurant was to start yelling in to the phone. Here is what she yelled: "MEXICAN?! I'M NOT MEXICAN! I WA
S BORN IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA." It was that night I learned that I am not an american citizen for enjoying a mexican restaurant. Weird. She also had one more little tidbit of joy- "AND WE AMERICANS ARE NOT USED TO THAT KIND OF CUISINE" ... I just stood there with the phone held away from my ear. It took everything inside me not to laugh at her. I wished her a good night and that we would see her on her day of arrival.

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